The Francis Conspiracy Update

The Francis Conspiracy Update

The Francis Conspiracy
Due:5 months ago

The Francis Conspiracy is coming along nicely.

Fr. Oliver faces some new challenges as he continues to evade Council 666. Things are heating up as the Council closes in on him. Trapped in Mexico and trying to evade corrupt authorities, Fr. Oliver discovers a group of women being held against their will in a sex trade operation. He needs to keep moving, but he can’t just leave these women in such desperate condition.

Stay tuned for more!

Make sure you’ve read Persistent Evil, before getting the Francis Conspiracy. Fortunately, you have time. So, here’s the link:

Reader’s Favorite Award Winner – A Rabbit’s Tale An Easter Story



What an honor to receive the Reader’s Favorite Book Award! I met many wonderful fellow authors at the awards ceremony in Miami. Thank you to everyone at Reader’s Favorite for doing such a fine job organizing the event. Authors traveled from as far as Spain to receive their award.

If you have not yet read A Rabbit’s Tale, An Easter Story, pick up a copy and check it out.


A Rabbit’s Tale – Global Ebook Award Winner & Readers’ Choice 5 Stars

A Rabbit’s Tale has received the 2015 Global Ebook Award in the category of Christian Fiction and has also received 5 stars from Readers’ Favorite. The book cover has been revised to include these honors. The updated cover also features the image of a fluorescent greenish-yellow hand and a letter which represent an important point in the story.
23822491_4170218 _ Cover _ June 2014

Hippity-Hop, This Tale is Over the Top

Cover-A Rabbit's Tale320x480_150dpi
I had to share this awesome review by John Howard Prin.
5.0 out of 5 stars Hippity-Hop, This Tale is Over the Top, April 20, 2015
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: A Rabbit’s Tale an Easter Story (Praying Mantis Series Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

Open this book and you are in for an egg-citing treat. Settle back as you turn the pages of this superb story and rest easy knowing you’re in for a jubilee of enjoyment.

A Rabbit’s Tale offers a wonderfully funny, and at times laugh-out-loud hilarious, story of ingenious twists and turns. The author has assembled a rich cast of characters, sympathetically drawn in the case of hero Juan Arias and dastardly villainous as personified by Monty McPride, who messes things up in grand fashion. The array of humanity in these pages spans the spectrum of likeable to detestable.

The storyline is a roller-coaster ride of humorous flashes of comedy and touching moments of tender pathos. Its many twists and surprises kept me guessing about how seemingly unrelated events would weave together, but Ruiz proved himself to be a gifted storyteller.

I especially enjoyed the story’s outrageous central premise, a leap of fantasy based on a stupendous “what-if.” Juan’s trials and tribulations are those of an everyman, an ordinary and decent fellow who dresses up as the Easter Bunny for a kids’ party and has a medical emergency which catapults the antics into high gear.

In keeping with the Easter themes of death by crucifixion and miraculous resurrection, the author presents episodes in Juan’s life when his plight parallels that of his hero Jesus — times when everything turns dark and bleak, but then by some unexpected plot twist or quirk of character the divine light of hope shines brightly and saves the day.

Highly creative, wildly imaginative, tremendously enjoyable — this tall tale has the makings of a classic.

Birds of Passage Anthology Helps Fight Poverty

Birds of Passage

I’m thrilled to be working on a story for the Birds of Passage anthology along with a great group of authors. All proceeds from the book will go to Passage Home a non-profit 501-c3, to help in their fight as they lift people out of the grip of poverty.  For more information visit


The Inspiration Behind A Great Main Character

FrBill_DRIn Persistent Evil, The Demon Slayer, Fr. Oliver is a priest who finds himself in a fight with demonic evil that threatens the Catholic Church. Fr. Oliver is a cross between Bruce Lee and Billy Graham. His character was inspired by Fr. William McConville, a Franciscan friar at St. Francis of Assisi in Raleigh. He is a great homilist and a friend to all. His stories about encounters with people and everyday life are the type that could fuel a series of novels for a long time. The Double XX commercials got it all wrong. They should have cast Fr. Bill as “the most interesting man in the world.”

As we are introduced to Fr. Oliver in the book, he has a curious encounter while getting a hair cut. The dialogue between him and the hairdresser is pretty close to what actually happened to Fr. Bill.  Those that have seen him in a short sleeve shirt know that he’s got some serious muscle, which comes from years of body-building. He does not fit the stereotype of a typical priest. This often results is amusing reactions by those that assume he’s a race car driver, bouncer, or maybe a US Marshal.

I’m grateful to Fr. Bill for sharing his real life stories with me and for being such a great role model as he passionately shares his faith.

I am happy to know this unusual and devoted man of God.



E-Reader Falling Out?

With all the news about e-books, I found this article enlightening.

“Print is where words go to die.” So went the theory in 2007 when Amazon launched the Kindle. In fact, so sure was the world that books were dead that when Ikea redesigned its ubiquitous Billy bookcase in 2011, it was thought to be so that it could accommodate knick-knacks rather than “archaic” paperbacks.

But while it’s true that e-books show no signs of disappearing – the new Kindle Voyage launches next month hot on the heels of the “Kindle Unlimited” subscription service that came to the UK last month – neither does print.

Recently, I realised that I had become so addicted to the speed of new book buying on my Kindle that I had barely bought anything in print in the past year. I had read Americanah and The Luminaries and tens of others on my e-reader, and I was sad that such great books were missing from my bookshelves. Worse than that, though, was a feeling that plots had started to blur, even with books that I had loved. The only way I could explain it is that they had never had a physicality. Not like the black and gold cover of The Secret History, or its weight when I picked it up from my bedside table.

So I decided…

Read the rest of it here:
From The Independent in the UK, Thursday 09 October 2014

Persistent Evil: The Demon Slayer

It didn’t start out as a series, it turned into one after a Rabbit’s Tale, An Easter Story was completed. The story continues and some big surprises are in store. I’m getting ready to start Book 3. Don’t know if it will be a three or four book series. We’ll see what happens.

Persistent Evil is scheduled to be released on December 1, 2014.  Look for it on Amazon.


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