Amazing Ceramic Sculpture

Amazing Ceramic Sculpture

I visited Artsplosure today and met some amazing artists. Among them was Luis Enrique Gutierrez, a master of contemporary ceramic sculpture. I was blown away at the level of detail and rich color themes of his work, absolutely stunning. He learned his art from his father Helio Gutierrez. Check out some of his work at

I also learned about NICA Ceramic Art which was born out of the Peace Corps experience of founder Paul H. Devoti in the indigenous pottery pueblo of San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua. It’s an incredible hotbed of amazing gallery quality ceramic art.  NICA’s mission is to provide exposure for the ceramic artwork of the master artisans of the pueblo as well as the Nicoyan Indian heritage behind their craft. Check out some of the other great artisans at

Anvil Fairy

Some people love to get attention
Talking loud without hesitation
The world revolves around just them
Sometimes you have to count to ten
But wouldn’t we all get a kick
To see the anvil fairy bearing gift
A fifty pounder give or take
To grant our friend a little break
A fractured skull might be too much
A slight concussion would be the touch
And when again his phone does ring
Another gift does fairy bring

The Francis Conspiracy Update

The Francis Conspiracy Update

The Francis Conspiracy
Due:1 month

The Francis Conspiracy is coming along nicely.

Fr. Oliver faces some new challenges as he continues to evade Council 666. Things are heating up as the Council closes in on him. Trapped in Mexico and trying to evade corrupt authorities, Fr. Oliver discovers a group of women being held against their will in a sex trade operation. He needs to keep moving, but he can’t just leave these women in such desperate condition.

Stay tuned for more!

Make sure you’ve read Persistent Evil, before getting the Francis Conspiracy. Fortunately, you have time. So, here’s the link:

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