Diogenes Ruiz

I was born in the Dominican Republic, came to the US as a child, and grew up in New York City’s Washington Heights. While in second grade, I remember the announcement that President Kennedy had been shot. You could feel the tension and horror in the air as people reacted to the news. Something was terribly wrong. Why would anyone shoot the president?  It was a feeling that has become all too familiar. Mass shootings at our schools are a common occurrence. We are all capable of great compassion and goodness or terrible acts of cruelty toward our fellow human beings.  Why people choose to do these things has always fascinated me.

After growing up Catholic, being fed up with Christianity and leaving the Church, then eventually returning to it, I’ve come to realize that the same person who is capable of committing murder has the same potential to inspire people. Our core fundamental differences are not based on our country of origin, economic status, skin color, or sexual orientation. It is our belief in man-as-god, God-as-God, or no god at all, that has the greatest impact on our decision-making process. This is the great divide. (There are those who kill routinely, claiming religious reasons, but it is really about power and intolerance. That is still man-as-god.)

Exploring facets of human behavior and faith or lack thereof are the reasons I love writing fiction. My stories are not preachy. They are usually based on a stupendous “what if?” that stretches the reader’s imagination.

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~ Diogenes Ruiz


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